Ashton Group Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

Georgiana Lee
Georgiana Lee 5.0

Bravo to the team Mike and Seth for their service. Did a good job in cleaning up after installation which is impressive. Thank you guys!

Marc Porter
Marc Porter 5.0

Great job. Friendly, knowledgeable and quick.

Eva Leung
Eva Leung 5.0
Sandra Hancock
Sandra Hancock 4.0

Carlos was very professional and assessed the situation quickly, provided a quote and was able to do the work needed quickly and efficiently!

Paramjit Teja
Paramjit Teja 5.0
Nick 2.0

Tyler stop by on a Wednesday to service my heat pump and furnace. I asked if he can give me a quote to move my gas regulator behind my stove to the Mechincal room. Tyler looked into the Mechincal room and noted that the gas line going to the stove had ...very little room to turn a wrench. He then mentioned to me that Dave would be the best guy for the job because he has all the small tools. I agree and he booked me in for a Friday mid morning install. Friday came and I called there office to confirm when Dave was coming. They told me 1 pm. I waited till 1:45 and Tyler then calls me and tells me that it can’t be done because of the small space to get a tool behind there. Why wait till 1:45 pm on a Friday to tell me this? They just wasted my time.Read More...

Maurice Bruchet
Maurice Bruchet 5.0

It was a pleasure dealing with a fellow like Jason. Open, honest and informative. I look for that in people.

Stephen Kwong
Stephen Kwong 5.0
Georgiana Lee
Georgiana Lee 5.0
Karin Armstrong
Karin Armstrong 5.0