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Ashton Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

Karen Kristianson
Karen Kristianson 4.0

• Today is April 27, 2022 and I am writing a four-star review for reasons outlined below. • As a 10-year+ Ashton “No Problem” customer (at an annual cost of $279 in 2021) we are entitled to “free” annual inspections of our furnace (heat pump .../ AC) unit. In 2021, when we asked Ashton to perform this service, I responded with a 2-star review because that annual inspection raised any number of concerns which I took straight to Ashton. I can’t remember ever being so disgusted with a service provider. Also in May, 2021, we had a second very disappointing service experience with Ashton. Ashton installed a new gas HW tank ($1,838) at my request b/c my old one was just out of warranty and I am a believer in preventative maintenance. Ashton had to turn off the natural gas to the house. Once the new HW tank was installed, Ashton was able to re-light the pilot light under the HW tank, BUT they were unable to relight the pilot lights for each of my two fireplaces. We briefly discussed, I said I would call the people who service my fireplaces and get them to do it which I did and which cost me $300. Ashton told me they were in a hurry to get to a North Vancouver call and out the door they went. So what was really a five- or six-star install of a HW tank very quickly plummeted to the bottom of any star list! And to make matters worse, after 2 hours no hot water - it seems they hadn't adjusted the HW tank to actually heat the water. GRRRRR!!!!! • But, this year 2022, marked 3 significant changes and a return to the Ashton that I used to know: One that charges premium prices for what should be (read that as "must be") premium service! • First, the No Problem Plan “free” annual inspection was the most thorough in our history with Ashton; #2) The technician, Jay Lin, was the most knowledgeable; and #3) A hard copy paper checklist was re-introduced, together with a verbal review of each item on that checklist, and a copy left with us! Gone was that annoying tablet that hid the actual service record and forced the customer signature to a virtual document that was not even visible to the customer until the final hard copy .pdf was emailed to the customer!!! • So, Ashton seems to have improved its business processes. One can only hope this “new and improved” Ashton remains permanent. • So, with cautious optimism, I’m giving four stars. The service and the technician were really five or six stars, but I’m in that “trust but verify” mode. Sept 22/21 - As part of our Ashton "No Problem Plan," Perimeter drain check completed today. No issues. Representative arrived promptly, professional as always. June 24, 2021 - just renewed our Ashton "No Problem" Plan. I think this makes 10 or 11 consecutive years. Thanks, Monica! After 10 years of 5-star reviews of Ashton, In 2021 I did my first 2-star review. I've removed it b/c my review exceeds the character limit, but I was really, really disgusted so in June 2021 I renewed our No Problem Plan with cautious optimism.Read More...

Stress Test
Stress Test 3.0

We have had three separate companies (all blatantly listed on Google search) prior to Ashton. The technician Tyler is superior (and I could say this because I have had to deal with half a dozen prior). The standard service has been "I THINK this is the ...problem, sir", but "you are on your own". Very nice but not helpful in the end. With Ashton, it was, "I KNOW this is the issue", and "here are the options, plus my follow-up actions". You get a sense that you are in the hand of a solid company who wants to actually solve problems. Had I known what their service was like, I would have gone with them six months ago. Would recommend them in a heart beat. Lawrence/ xxxxxxx EXACTLY the same issue recurred 13 months later. Same root blockage in EXACTLY the same segment. Technician came promptly and took the same amount of time unblocking it. But the price difference was simply jaw-dropping. It went from $1575.00 (hydro-flush with camera) to $3048.15 (hydro-flush with camera, but we did not do the camera so we paid $2625). Very expensive when we did some comparative pricing. We then tried to follow up with the report but did not get any response until after 2-3 months of going back and forth with emails and phone messages. We finally managed to clarify what was done, and asked about why this dramatic increase. It was chalked up to: basically inflation. I guess some companies were just affected a whole lot more than others. So if it's not urgent, I would get a few quotes before committing to anything. Lawrence/Read More...

Mark-Daniel Hughes
Mark-Daniel Hughes 2.0

Got a quote from this company for $700 for a simple bathroom sink install. Competitors were quoting in the $200's. Unreal. Save your money and look elsewhere.

Ken Labron
Ken Labron 5.0

On our newly installed Hot Water on Demand we needed the water temperature adjusted. The service technician arrived exactly on time and she gave it an inspection to make sure it was all working correctly. Adjusted the temperature a little higher as ...per our request. Was a pleasure to have this young woman service our appliance. Enthusiastic about her job, friendly and extremely professional. Have dealt with Ashton for decades and have never been disappointed. This company always goes above and beyond what is required. We won't take our business anywhere else.Read More...

Peter B
Peter B 5.0

When our regular service provider was unavailable we contacted Ashton to service our Hi efficiency furnace and AC system.. From my first contact to conclusion I was impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and skill of this entire team. Jay, the ...technician arrived in a bright, shiny van wearing a smart uniform. He was refined, educated, obviously smart and very cordial. He worked diligently and proficiently; first identifying a small gas leak undetectable by bubble tester and completed the entire process , exhibiting a high level of skill. Not only was the work done well but they gave me a "special" promotional rate, even though I had not sought one. To correct the gas leak Jay had to turn off the gas at the shut-off and (probably due to my inquisitiveness and chatter) he omitted to relight the pilot of the gas water heater. As a result we had no hot water the following morning. However a phone call to their emergency service line resulted in a plumber being dispatched right away, despite it being a Saturday. The young man who had driven all the way from South Surrey presented, as had Jay. He was courteous, proficient and professional. It took him but a few minutes to light the boiler and all was well (despite my efforts to do the same earlier). There was no charge, of course for this call. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and its staff. We will use them exclusively in the future.; in fact they are scheduled to return to service the AC system as soon as the weather warms up. I categorically and unconditionally recommend them to anyone.Read More...

Charly Stratton
Charly Stratton 1.0

Called in January to get a quote for A/C, said they'd call back later in the spring. Hadn't heard back so just called again, now they're fully booked for the year. What a waste of my time. Now I'll be at the bottom of someone else's list. Terrible ...service.Read More...

Peggy Shen
Peggy Shen 5.0

Thank you Dean and Fergus, and of course Mo!!

Jane Perrella
Jane Perrella 5.0

Eddy was professional and thorough. Fixed the problem and discussed overall condition of house plumbing. Very pleased.

huan yu zhu
huan yu zhu 5.0

I purchased a furnace from Ashton about six years ago in Dec 2016, and unfortunately, my furnace stopped working last Thursday around 5pm. I called Ashton and was connected to emergency response technician, Jensen. Jensen was very friendly and patient, ...and he came in after hour to help with diagnosing. He found unusual amount of water underneath the inducer, and he then checked the exhaust pipe query blockage. I could see how hard he tried to help me that night. Unfortunately, we did not have necessary parts to make further progress. On Friday, Tyler came to my house. Although I was not home, I heard that he’s very experienced, and he believed that it was a mechanical failure caused by the blower and/or the board. He then arranged parts to be delivered and let us know it will be fixed on Monday once he has the parts. Today, Patrick and Shayla came in (there were some scheduling issues, but I was so happy Ashton admin staffs were able to help me to sort it out. Appreciated it!). They were professional and friendly, and started to change the blower right away. Since the furnace space was very limited and was tricky to pull the blower out and put it back, it took them a good amount of time to just do that. To my surprise, it worked! I am so happy. Now I am in my house with furnace running great, and don’t feel cold anymore. I’d like to thank Jenson, Tyler, Patrick, and Shayla, for their professional support. I also want to thank Ashton admin staffs for being empathetic to each customer’s situation. I would definitely recommend Ashton to anyone who needs their service. -JudyRead More...

Ian Ross
Ian Ross 5.0

Repaired furnace

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