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Top-Rated Drain Unclogging Service from Plumbing Experts in Burnaby, B.C.

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Ashton Service Group Offers Drain Clearing & Cleaning in Burnaby, British Columbia

$93 or it’s FREE Main Drain Cleaning plus FREE Camera Inspection

$93 or it’s FREE

Drain Clogged? Pooling Water?
• We’ll Come to Your House & Clean your Drain*
• If We Can’t Clean It, It’s FREE!
• A FREE Camera Inspection of your line included!
Ashton Service Group ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction on all repairs & installs
• NO Service Call Fees. NO Dispatch Fees

*Offer invalid with any mainline failure*
Call for further Conditions and Restrictions
Present Coupon at Time of Service
Ashton Service Group ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction on all repairs & installs
NO Service Call Fees. NO Dispatch Fees.

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Ashton Service Group serving Burnaby, British Columbia is (One of the) Best Rated & Reviewed Drain Clearing & Cleaning Companies

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Ashton Service Group Specializes Best in Unclogging Drains in Burnaby, Canada Households

We know our customers with homes in Burnaby demand perfection when it comes to clogged drains and ensuring they stay clean & clear. Ashton Service Group drain clearing plumbers are top-rated, expert trained and certified to handle any and all clogs around your home.

As one of the best rateddrain unclogging providers serving greater Burnaby we know our business will only survive and grow if we extend top notch, professional work on all customer drain clearing & cleaning jobs. We will work hard to ensure your drain is unclogged in a timely manner, on budget, and without headaches. Better yet, we stand behind our drain clearing work 1 year after the service – It Flows or It’s Free, Money Back Guarantee!

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One of the Best Rated Drain Unclogging Companies serving Burnaby, B.C.

Proudly & Professionally Servicing the Entire Burnaby Metro Area for all your Clogged Drain Clearing & Cleaning needs

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What Affects the Price of Unclogging Drains?

Your drain clearing cost will depend on these factors:

  • Location of the clog – Clogs in the main sewer line cost more to clear than ones in secondary drain lines. That’s because clogs in the mainline are more difficult to reach and affect more than one plumbing fixture.
  • Accessibility of your plumbing cleanout – The harder your cleanout is to reach, the more you’ll pay in labour costs. Cleanouts located outside your home will be easier to access than ones inside it.
  • Video camera inspection – A camera inspection increases the price upfront, but can save your plumber a lot of time in clearing the clog.
  • Severity of the clog – Depending on what’s clogging your drain, a plumber will use either a drain cleaning cable machine (less expensive) or a hydro jetting machine (more expensive) to clear it.
  • The plumber you choose – Higher quality plumbers will charge more for their services, since they have more experience and know-how.

Cost to Clear a Clogged Drain in Burnaby

Don’t Make These Drain Cleaning Mistakes in Burnaby, B.C.

  • Using the wrong plunger – Your drain cleaning efforts may be in vain because you’re using the wrong plunger. For sinks, use a cup plunger. For toilets, use a flange plunger. Flange plungers have a fold out “lip”.
  • Plunging “dry” – Make sure you’re plunging with the plunger fully submerged in water. Plungers use water pressure, not air, to clear a clog.
  • Sticking sharp objects down the drain – You might be tempted to use something like a coat hanger to clear the drain. But this can scratch the porcelan or create a leak. A safer alternative is an auger, which uses a cable to clear tough clogs further down the drain line.
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