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Lockinvar Boilers

Lockinvar boilers have been a popular choice for residential customers for over 60 years. With a focus on energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, Lockinvar boilers are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their heating system.

Lockinvar boilers are also designed for ease of installation and maintenance. They come pre-wired and pre-piped, which means they can be installed quickly and easily. And with features like the Smart System™ control, troubleshooting and maintenance are simple and convenient.

One of Lockinvar’s distinguishing features is its commitment to advancing boiler technology. Lockinvar was a pioneer in introducing modulating-condensing boilers to the market, which offer superior energy efficiency and precise temperature control. They have continued to innovate with their Smart System™ control, providing even greater customization and efficiency.

Installation and maintenance are made easy with pre-wired and pre-piped boilers, saving homeowners time and money. The Smart System™ control also simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.

Lockinvar boilers are proudly made in the United States, with their manufacturing facility located in Lebanon, Tennessee. By keeping their production in-house, Lockinvar is able to maintain strict quality control and ensure their products meet the highest standards. With their commitment to quality and innovation, and American-made boiler, Lockinvar is an excellent choice.

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