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Parts of a Sink

Stainless Inlet Supply Connectors Flexible supply lines bring water and gas from the permanently installed pipes behind your walls to your fixtures and appliances. These lines connect your fixtures and appliances to the in-wall plumbing and have simplified the installation of new toilets and faucets. Emergency Shut Off Valve You should not have to turn off the water to the entire

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How to Tell if Your Hot Water Tank is Leaking

Is water pooling around your hot water tank? Follow these steps to determine if your tank is leaking.

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What To Do When Your Furnace’s Pilot Light Goes Out?

The pilot light on a gas furnace can go out because of drafts. Follow these directions to relight your pilot light.

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Signs Your Furnace is Not Working Properly

There are almost always signs that the furnace is not working properly prior to the furnace stopping.

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Tips to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home This Fall

Keep winter heating costs down with these 5 tips.

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What are Ductless/Mini-Split Air Conditioners?

Ductless ACs are also called mini-splits because two components of the equipment are separated by distance.

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Air Conditioner Sound Levels

Even the quietest condensers make some noise, so it is important to find a good location to place the condenser.

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Wall Mount AC vs. Floor Mount AC

There are many things to consider when deciding to install an AC in your home. We’ll go over them for you.

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