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How to Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter and Cut Down on Your Heating Costs

We are lucky in Vancouver that we have relatively mild Canadian winters. But we do still have occasional cold snaps that drop the temperatures below freezing and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When this happens, it’s important to have a boiler that you can depend on to keep your

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Get Out the Umbrellas, Winter is Coming! 5 Plumbing Tips for Rainy Weather in Vancouver

Is your plumbing ready for the rainy season? When people think of fall and winter-readiness for their plumbing, they likely think about pipes bursting and breaking during below-zero weather.  Homeowners in Vancouver might assume that means they don’t need to worry about winter-proofing their plumbing. We don’t get that cold in the winter, so there’s

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How Much Does a Furnace Cost? And Other Furnace FAQs

Owning your own furnace comes with a lot of responsibility, as well as maintenance and cost questions to think about. Here are the top six furnace questions that we get asked at Ashton Service Group. And if your question isn’t answered here, give us a call to talk to one of our heating and plumbing

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The Benefits of an Annual Furnace Tune-Up

There are several benefits to getting an annual furnace tune-up, and now that we’re heading into the cold Canadian winter, this is the perfect time to do it.  Many people think their furnace is a “plug and play” appliance; they can have it installed and forget about it. Furnaces can be costly to purchase and

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Buying a High Efficiency Furnace: What’s the AFUE Rating and How Does It Work?

All furnaces are certainly not created the same and, if you are a homeowner, you are probably aware that efficiency makes a big difference to your heating bill every month.  If you have a furnace in your home that is more than twenty years old, it’s likely that it isn’t meeting current standards for efficiency

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Do you need a drain tile system? Everything you need to know!

What is a drain tile system?   Drain tile, or “French drains”, are common drainage systems that are used to direct groundwater away from your home’s foundations, saving the structure from costly water damage.   A modern drain tile system is made up of a series of perforated PVC or plastic piping that runs around

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Main Sewer Line
The Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Line Clog

The sewer line in your home is one of the most important parts of your plumbing and removes wastewater from your property. If it becomes blocked or damaged, it can bring about issues that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! So, the sooner you can detect a clog or blockage, the faster you’ll be

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Are Portable AC Units a Lot of Hot Air?

On paper, portable air conditioners seem like a great alternative to a central AC or ductless AC system in the Lower Mainland, but they aren’t always an ideal solution to your air cooling needs. As more and more people look to install air con in their homes, a portable unit looks like an instant and

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Mr. Slim Dmitrieva Mini Split Vancouver
Central AC versus Ductless Split AC: Which one is right for me?

It might now be time for you to look at choosing a new AC system or replacing an existing one. Settling on the right cooling solution for your home can be a confusing endeavor, particularly when it comes to central air conditioning systems versus ductless split air conditioning systems. The system you choose can impact

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AC Repair Vancouver
Do I need an AC system in Vancouver?

Remember when you thought that central air conditioning was an extravagance? In a city nestled beneath the Coastal Mountains of BC, you might be forgiven for thinking that Air Conditioning (AC) systems aren’t a necessity in terms of keeping your house cooler, but Vancouver homeowners are changing the way that they consider air conditioning in

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