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5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade your Heating System

How do you know if your heating system needs to be replaced? This is an important question,
and we’ve got you covered with these five signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

With winter approaching, it’s the perfect time to assess how well your home heating system
is functioning. If your furnace or heat pump has surpassed its lifespan, it could be time to start
looking at a replacement, rather than spending money on repairs. If you’ve had a heat pump
for more than 10 years, or a furnace for more than 15, watch for these tell-tale signs that it’s
time to upgrade your heating system.

1. Frequent Repairs

Typically, heat pumps will last 10-15 years, and a furnace or boiler can last 15-20. Once your
system reaches this age, not only will you lose heating efficiency, but often, the warranty will
run out. This means you’ll be paying out of pocket for repairs, both big and small. If you're
experiencing frequent breakdowns in your system, you could end up spending more on
repairs than you would on a new furnace. Although the initial cost of a new heating system
will be more upfront, over time, it will save you money. Higher efficiency will reduce your
energy costs, and most new systems come with a warranty that saves you money on repairs.

2. Rising Energy Bills and High Heating Costs

Are your heating bills higher than they were at this time last year? Do they seem to be rising
each month? Both of these could be signs that your heating system is losing its efficiency and
costing more to run. As the capacity of your heating system decreases, it has to work harder
to heat your home. You may notice your furnace running for longer, or more often than usual.
If this is the case, it might be time to upgrade. You will likely find a significant return on your
investment in energy savings each month.

3. Uneven Distribution of Heat

Over time, heating systems lose their ability to distribute heat effectively, which can create
uneven temperatures throughout your home. Sometimes, uneven distribution of heat can be
linked to a faulty thermostat, a closed vent, or dirty air filters. If you’ve checked each of these
options, and you have an ageing system, it could be time to start looking into a replacement.

4. Strange or Unpleasant Odors

One way to know if it’s time to upgrade your heating system is the presence of strange or
unpleasant odors. This could be a sign of mold or mildew buildup or, in some cases,
something more serious. Odor causing substances are intentionally added to natural gas to
alert you when there’s a natural gas leak. A rotten egg smell can be a sign of a gas leak, and a
dusty or burning smell may also be cause for alarm. If you’re not sure, give us a call at Ashton ,
and one of our experienced HVAC technicians will come and assist you.

5. Loud Noises or Unusual Sounds

If you’ve had your furnace for a while, you’re likely familiar with the noises it makes. Although
it’s common to hear a sound when the furnace turns on, the rest of the time it should be
fairly quiet. If you start to hear noises you haven’t heard before, including rattling, banging, or
a squealing sound, it may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade your heating system.
We hope you can take this transitional time of year to assess your heating system needs and
prepare for the cold winter ahead. If your heating system is displaying any of these signs, or if
it’s reaching the end of its lifespan, it might be time to upgrade to a more modern and
efficient system. Still not sure? Call the experts at Ashton , we’d love to help you out with all
your heating system needs.

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