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The Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Heating System Tune Up

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It’s no secret that summer is coming to an end. Temperatures are dropping and it won’t be long before you’re turning up the dial on your thermostat. So, it’s the perfect time of year to schedule a heating system tune up, and here are some of the most important reasons why. 


Why Schedule a Heating System Tune Up? 


Getting a heating system tune up means having someone check the vital components of your HVAC system to ensure it will run safely and efficiently all winter long. It will save you time, eliminate unnecessary stress, and reduce your utility bills. Preventative maintenance is the most important factor when it comes to the health of your heating system, and these are the top five reasons why. 


  1. Increase Efficiency and Save Money 


Your HVAC system will naturally lose efficiency over time through the accumulation of dust and dirt, natural wear and tear, build up, or damaged air ducts. Tuning up your system will take care of any issues and ensure it is functioning at optimal capacity. Better heating performance means lower heating costs. Some studies have shown that regular maintenance can save you as much as 30% on your energy bill! 


  1. Eliminate Breakdowns and Unnecessary Repairs 


Scheduling routine maintenance will ensure that your HVAC system is in top shape, reducing or eliminating the likelihood of a breakdown in the dead of winter. During a heating system tune up, your HVAC technician will clean and look over your unit, identify any areas of corrosion, and flag any failing parts in need of replacement before they become a problem. This can help you save big on any issues or malfunctions, and ensure that you and your family stay warm all winter long. 


  1. Safety 


Having your heating system looked over before the winter will keep you and your family safe. An experienced technician will take care of any faulty, exposed, or loose wiring, and identify potential carbon monoxide or gas leaks. Many furnaces produce heat by burning fuel and it’s important to ensure the combustion process is efficient and working properly. A trained professional will be able to spot any issues with the exhaust line, venting system, or heat exchanger, and take care of it. 


  1. Maintain Healthy Air Quality 


Heating systems accumulate a build-up of soot, dust, and other sediment throughout the year. During a tune up, a professional will change or clean your air filter, and remove any dust or debris that has accumulated in other parts of the system. Removing excess dust, dirt and grime not only improves the air quality in your home, it also ensures your system is getting the air flow it needs to work efficiently.  


  1. Extend the Lifespan of your Furnace and Keep your Warranty Valid


Most high-quality heating systems will have a ten-year warranty option, and a furnace can last up to twenty years when it’s well cared for. Not only will annual maintenance extend the lifespan of your heating system, but in a lot of cases, it will also keep your warranty valid. Many manufacturers will ask for service records before they honor a warranty, and if you haven’t kept up with it, this can lead to costly repairs. 


What Happens in a Heating System Tune Up?


Your heating system is one of the most complex systems in your home. Having a licensed professional perform an annual tune up ensures that it’s done safely and properly. During a heating system tune up, you can expect a professional to: 


  • Clean or replace the air filter, clean the heating elements and heat exchanger, which prevents blockages or exposes any holes or cracks 
  • Inspect electrical wires and repair any faulty, exposed, or loose wiring 
  • Test the airflow 
  • Check that the venting system is working properly and carbon monoxide is being safely removed from your home, without any potential leaks 
  • Test the thermostat to ensure the system is operating efficiently and keeping your heating costs low 
  • Review the system’s specifications, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and check all safety components.


Having a set of experienced, professional eyes on your heating system will keep your unit running safely and smoothly for as long as possible, and keep you and your family warm all winter long. 


When Should You Schedule a Heating System Tune Up? 


It’s always best to take care of annual heating system maintenance before the winter season begins. Preventative costs are far lower than repair costs, especially during the winter and over the holidays. 


Booking an HVAC system tune up early allows you to test your system’s operation capacity and efficiency before the cold weather arrives, and catch the professionals while they still have availability and flexibility in their schedule. 


More importantly, it gives you enough time to take care of any necessary repairs or replacements before the cold weather kicks in. If you’re ready to schedule your next heating system tune up, give us a call at Ashton. Our team of experienced professionals would love to help you out!

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