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AC Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

We’ve put together a list of air conditioner safety tips to help you get the most out of your AC unit and stay safe all summer long! 


The first day of summer has passed and we’re now moving into the hottest months of the year. If you’ve invested in an air conditioner for your home, you have the privilege of keeping your indoor space cool to your comfort with the flick of a switch. Although a powerful HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system can go a long way in creating a comfortable living space in the hot summer months, it also comes with some potential hazards. Read on for simple tips on how to stay cool, safe, and healthy this summer. 


Your Air Conditioner Safety Guide


1. Schedule an Annual Tune-Up or Maintenance Visit 


The best way to ensure your AC unit is functioning at maximum capacity and address all safety precautions is to have a professional look it over. Your local HVAC experts can ensure everything has been installed correctly, inspect and clean the evaporator coils, and prevent future breakdowns or costly repairs. If you’re in the lower mainland, give us a call at Ashton, we’re happy to help! 


2. Change Your Filters Regularly and Ensure your Ductwork is Clean and Clear 


If you’re in a humid environment, air conditioning ducts can become susceptible to condensation and mold. Blocked ducts or clogged filters will force the AC unit to work harder, which leads to higher operating costs and lower cooling capacity. It may also compromise air quality by circulating more dust and debris. For optimal safety and functioning, all ducts should be sealed, with no leaks or tears. 


Experts recommend changing disposable filters every few months, more frequently if you have children or pets. Ensuring that air filters are clean and return ducts are clear will keep air flowing through and allow your system to function at full capacity. 


3. Check Electrical Connections and Wiring   


One of the most important air conditioner safety tips is to ensure an adequate and safe power supply to your unit. When you’re selecting the right air conditioner, make sure it’s rated for the space you want to cool. If your home doesn’t meet the electrical requirements, it could cause a short circuit or become a fire hazard. To learn more about sizing up your space, have a look at our Air Conditioner Buying Guide


4. Keep the Area around your Air Conditioner Clear 


Always keep at least 3 feet of clearance around your indoor and outdoor air handlers, and keep curious children away from playing near the unit. It can be dangerous and create long term damage if anything is stuck inside the grills. 


5. Check your AC Equipment Regularly  


It may go without saying, but performing regular inspections will help you detect problems early and save money down the road. Check your fan and cooling unit occasionally, and pay close attention to any out of the ordinary sounds or smells. 


We hope these Air Conditioner safety tips will keep your unit working in peak condition and help you stay cool and comfortable this summer. If you’d like more assistance with AC safety and cooling capacity, call the experts at Ashton, we’re here to support you!

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