Up To 15k Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Rebates Available

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Mr. Slim Dmitrieva Mini Split Vancouver
Central AC versus Ductless Split AC: Which one is right for me?

It might now be time for you to look at choosing a new AC system or replacing an existing one. Settling on the right cooling solution for your home can be a confusing endeavor, particularly when it comes to central air conditioning systems versus ductless split air conditioning systems. The system you choose can impact

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AC Repair Vancouver
Do I need an AC system in Vancouver?

Remember when you thought that central air conditioning was an extravagance? In a city nestled beneath the Coastal Mountains of BC, you might be forgiven for thinking that Air Conditioning (AC) systems aren’t a necessity in terms of keeping your house cooler, but Vancouver homeowners are changing the way that they consider air conditioning in

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